envisaging a better future for soccer in Taiwan

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The Association of Taipei Soccer

AT Soccer is a website that aims to promote football (soccer) in Taiwan. The aim is to one day have a professional football league in Taiwan so that its true potential of a spectator and participant sport can be achieved.

The starting point for this is to make football more organised in Taiwan. The Association of Taipei Soccer  (atsoccer) plans to do this by firstly creating a well run league in Taipei that is both enjoyable to play in as well as financially viable.

For the first year of atsoccer the primary focus will the on the Taipei Premier League which has been up and running for a few years now.


The clubs in our league

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B52 Carnegie's FC

B53 Carnegie's FC

Celts F.C.

Daan F.C.

Japanese FC

Ontap Badgers

Red Lions FC

Royal Vikings F.C.


Taipei Eagles F.C.

Taipei Magpies

Taipei Warriors F.C.

The Mighty Shane

Triangle FC