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The Mighty Shane

The Mighty Shane Football Club is one of the oldest and most storied clubs in Taipei. Started in 1998 as a simple pub team of Shane English teachers, the club has grown into one of the most prominent clubs in Taiwan, and a mainstay in the East Asian football scene. Based in Taipei, Taiwan, and backed by the most popular pub in the city, MSFC trains regularly and competes in the On Tap Premier League, as well as various tournaments in and around Taiwan. While football is at the core of MSFC, we also enjoy the social side of playing on an amateur football team with teammates from around the world. Players and fans of the Mighty Shane go out regularly for drinks, curries, EPL and CL games, surfing, kick abouts, golf, and more.

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Current Squad

NameSquad NumberGoalsYelRed
Andy Smith2
Bartek Ryś33
Boris Baldovino36
Brian McGuinness10
Brian McLaunghlin4
Cesar Molano 30
Daniel Busquets11
Daniel Pischedda17
Daniel Willkinson3
Diego Ballesteros23
Dustin Staats24
Fox Man41
Gabriel Felipe Niño Vásquez21
Jack Snart15
James McGuirk20
Jamie Smith6
Jayke Langley 29
Jeremy Tipton14
John Dixon5
Jonathan Chang9
Juan Ardila19
Leo Naranjo31
Mamadi Colley28
Marcelo Pires Adur34
Patrick Krogh32
Patrick Swandell26
Peter Williams12
Raffy Blasabas Lloren37
Romano Theunissen16
Sam Thompson8
Toby Shaw1
Zach Paruch7