envisaging a better future for soccer in Taiwan

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B52 Carnegie's FC

"On a Mission" since 2001
B52 Carnegie's FC, was established in Taipei, Taiwan in 2001. It began as a social football club but grown to be the club of your choice in Taipei
Mission Statement:
The Club offers a social kick about football session on a Saturday afternoon together with a competitive, rolling Sunday League competition, thus facilitating all members playing abilities and needs.
The B52 / Carnegies Taipei Football Club is an inclusive social and sporting community of local and expatriate sportsmen and women in Taipei who come together each week to share in the pleasure of playing the beautiful game and to enjoy each others company socially.
The ethos of the Club is to engender a strong sense of social togetherness and to meet the sporting needs of a diverse membership. We strive to be the Club of Choice for sporting and social members alike.
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