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Red Lions FC

Taipei Red Lions Football Club is the oldest expat football team in Taiwan. Its strong and lively foreigner contingency has leaded local and international competitions since 1983. Nowadays we have a mixed squad from 20 nationalities including nice Taiwanese folks. Fierce and competitive infield, friendly and fun elsewhere; we stand for each other in and out the pitch, we are a true team with the best spirit on the island…


Taipei Red Lions Football Club mission is to provide entertainment to its members and fans through quality football and other related activities such as leagues, tournaments, friendly matches, football parties, member and fans events, etc.

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Current Squad

NameSquad NumberGoalsYelRed
Alex Chen19
Alexandre Magnet69
Andres Paredes18
Andy Rooney11
Anthony Baduoin66
Anthony Hewitt39
Ata 11
Ayoub Khoulal99
Baptiste Raingon0
Bhekumuzl Mathunjwa31
Charles Watson5
Cheng Yang Mao36
Chin Hwai Hung9
Ching Jen Fang0
Christian Peluso23
Dominik Steiger43
Ebrima Nyassi80
Elias Arqueta21
Enoc Hercules8
Fred Helander12
Hank Lee27
Hugo Michael32
Jake Clarke2
James Patterson Malcolm11
Jojje Olsson3
Jonathan Rice45
Jordyn Dezago91
Keanu Leibowitz82
Kevin Michaels90
Koichi Toguchi99
Lionel Gonzales14
Mauricio Cortes7
Maximiliano Feng20
Mirko Messner13
Morten Larsen37
Muhammed Kinteh55
Murray Campbell30
Nagel Volker1
Nazario Mora100
Nicolas Kang82
Oliver Feuerhahn16
Oliver Gerbig6
Pablo Mair29
Pete Lewry48
Peter Groom34
Quim 20
Rio Ho38
Robert Iwanicky33
Samuel Hsu12
Shota Negishi0
Siaka Fadera22
Thomas Costa10
Vincent Tseng40
Yuichiro Misumi16
Zsolt Kormendy7