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20 Concept+ 1.0 FIFA-approved match balls from Hummel.

Our special thanks to hummel for providing the league with 20 FIFA-approved professional quality match balls, the Concept+ 1.0. We are very happy to partner with hummel.

The hummel® CONCEPT+  football is a hand stitched FIFA approved professional quality match ball. The specially developed microfiber PU material and panel construction give the ball a superior touch and make the ball very responsive, yet with a reliable flight at long passing. The Air-Trap bladder ensures good air retention. Suitable for grass and artificial pitch.

FIFA approved professional quality match football with unique playing properties Microfibre PU with high flexibility and firmness for optimal control under all conditions Air-Trap bladder which allows the ball to retain air for longer Specially developed lining which gives optimal appearance and bounce Hand-stitched Durable Suitable for grass and artificial pitch Warranty: 2 year stitch and shape guarantee


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